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Let’s Really Light Up That Tree

These Grenade Ornaments, designed by firm Dorthy, are not only pretty, but they also make a statement. And that statement is that military paraphernalia looks AWESOME as holiday decor. Don’t let the images of amputee children ruin your Christmas. These ornaments add a little bang to your otherwise lousy tree. That’s right. Your tree sucks. What you gonna do about ...

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iPhone Christmas Ornaments

Even at Thanksgiving dinner, my iPhone was no more than a few inches from me at all times. Me and the Apple device are pretty inseparable, for better or for worse. So you can bet your tushy that the phone will not be leaving my steely paws even as I open up my Christmas presents. So intense is my obsession ...

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Video Game Controller Ornaments

Deck the halls with boughs of gaming. Fa-la-la-la-la… you get the point. These acrylic Video Game Controller Ornaments clone some of our favorite consoles’ controllers. Available in white, red, yellow, black, and clear, these ornaments add a bit of geeky color to your Christmas tree. Link [via]

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