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A Genius Ice Tray

The IceOrb is one of the finest ice-related inventions on the planet. Fill up the outer mold with water then put the inner mold in and freeze it. Remove and presto: 21 oddly-shaped ice cubes. At $16, it’s totally not worth it but don’t let me hold you back. You can pick up one of those Lamborgini lighters while you’re ...

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Swatch ORB Concept Watch

Designed by DjoDjo, the ORB (Time Orbit Watch) concept watch looks to deliver time in a fashion that would please anyone from Blade Runner. Rotating color lines display seconds, minutes and hours of the day and supposedly, you can touch the lines and drag them to adjust your watch. Sounds intense. Only two colors were designed, black and white, due ...

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Air Genie: The flying, reflecting orb

Today must be the day of oddities. The Air Genie is a flying orb shaped screen which has video cameras built in to reflect it’s surroundings. We think that its some sort of ploy for advertising, kind of like the Goodyear Blimp, but extremely high tech. The diameter of the sphere is 115 feet with a massive volume of 792,764 ...

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