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LEGO Transformers Characters

I’ve always wanted to own my own set of Transformers, but who has the room to fit an entire set of massive robots in their home, let alone a tiny apartment like mine. But hey, I can have something even cooler. My Transformers transform into individual LEGO bricks. All you have to do is bash them around a little and ...

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Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture

Ice sculptures are the type of thing you imagine old men doing in small Alaskan towns. But apparently there are some aspiring ice sculptors who like to add a taste of geekery to their art. This Optimus Prime ice sculpture would be great for chilling a small swimming pool full of beer. Other than that, I don’t see much use ...

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Optimus Prime iPod Dock

Let me be straight up now, so I don’t drag you along for the ride. This iPod dock is a limited-edition gadget so it costs around $340. If you’ve got the dough, great, but I just thought you’d like to know before you read further and soil yourself in excitement. With only 100 made, the Music Label – Exile Perfect ...

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Optimus Prime Transforms Into USB Speakers

I knew Optimus could transform into some groovy vehicles and even become a peripheral or cool tool every once in a while, but I had no idea that he was in the home entertainment biz as well. The Optimus Prime USB Speaker Set is a three-pound faux Transformer robotic head, with a helme which folds out to be a pair ...

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Crafty Needle-Felted Transformers

Despite some not-so flattering reviews, Transformers mania is sweeping the country this week with the release of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. These highly-detailed needle craft Transformers totally embody the fanboy spirit of the Transformers films. The artist has crafted Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Sentenial Prime, Shockwave, Ultra Magnus, Percepter, Blitzwing and Jazz so far, but who knows ...

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RCRC Transforming Robot Destroys Anything From Cybertron

Optimus Prime came by my apartment the other day. He was upset and in tears, so we sat down to have a heart to heart. The problem Optimus has is that there’s a new kid on the block who’s a lot more fun than he is. I told him not to worry and sent him home with a nice bowl ...

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