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Interactive Ripple Table Responds To Your Movements

Don’t like thinking about how many times your dad’s hairy balls have thrust up against the coffee table as your mom reached climax? Sorry for the image, but that’s the price you have to pay. No toll-free roads here. This Interactive Ripple Table features 480 super-bright white LEDs and 24 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors that react to both ...

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Could Microsoft’s Blue Track Mouse Be The End Of Laser?

Microsoft claims that come September 9th, you can kiss laser goodbye. Everyone was quite confused as to what Microsoft meant, that is until this picture of the mystery product that would put laser in its place showed up on Amazons Germany site. It’s called the Blue Track and it allegedly uses a blue LED teamed up with a wide-angle lens ...

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Optical Tone Room Is A Trip

Japanese artist Mutoh Tsutomu has created the raver’s wet dream room. The Optical Tone installation is a combination of art, technology and science. Clad with LED light spectrums in conjunction with sensors that interact with inhabitants of the room, Tsutomu uses a special algorithm to display RGB colors. This interactively examines the problems in human perception and the recognition of ...

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