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This Optical Illusion Makes Me Doubt My Body’s Honesty

I refuse to admit that my eyes would lie to me this bad. I mean, me and my eyes have had some tussles. But I will NEVER, EVER, EVER let them live it down if I discover they've lied to me again. Not this time. Now way! There's an ice cream scooper with your name on it, bub.

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Pareidolia and the Mystery of the Man’s Face

By definition, Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon which makes your brain see vague or insignifigant stimulus as something significant. In other words, pareidolia is your brain’s way of making the unfamiliar or vague seem concrete, like when several bruise marks on a banana resemble Jesus, or thinking a cloud looks like George Clooney. Whatever the case might be, your brain ...

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This is Me Screwing With Your Mind: Part 2

In part two of our prestigious series on mind-fucking, we explore the complex relationship between math and vegetables. 98% of users will come� to the same conclusion. If you are part of the other 2%, congratulations, you are one of the few people who has a mind capable of thinking beyond their synaptic wiring. [via]

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This is Me Screwing With Your Mind

I wonder if the the illusion only works if the the words are on separate lines? Guess not. (Read that sentence again.) The brain automatically filters out the duplicated “the”s as if they never even existed. With all of our massive brain power, is it intuitive or disruptive for our brain to censor our reading in this case? Some people ...

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3D Shelves: A Storage Unit That Really Pops

Resembling some sort of interior optical illusion, these 3D shelves add a whole new dimension to any room of your home. Featuring a cacophony of colors and multiple layers of ample shelving, stare at it long enough and your eyes start playing tricks on you.

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