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Apple’s Pride: Special Page Displays All 300+ Leopard Innovations

With some official Leopard info just fresh off the wire, Apple is understandably excited about their upcoming OS. They’re so excited, they deemed it necessary to build an entire page built around the greatness of the new Leopard operating system. Featured on the page is all 300+ innovations that Leopard brings to the table as the first official OS upgrade ...

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Dell’s bringing seXP back

Still wary about using the new Windows Vista operating system, users have been moaning and bitching to Dell about how they wish they could still get Windows XP installed on their pre-packed PC’s. Dell has answered their prayers by reissuing XP installed computers back into their products. The consumer backlash has caused Dell to offer the option of Windows XP ...

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RUMOR: Mac Leopard, eight-core Mac Pros launching at NAB

Sources are saying that at next month’s upcoming NAB event, a mere 25 days away, Apple will launch its release of the Mac Leopard operating system, along with eight-core Mac Pros. Leopard has been rumored as having a release in late-March to mid-April, and sources say that its release at NAB is all but officially confirmed. The timing of a ...

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