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Cheeseburger in a Can

Oooooh, don’t tell me you haven’t eaten worse looking “food” at your local Burger King. This canned cheeseburger is available in Germany (I’d like to imagine it sitting on the shelf of every delicatessen and grocery store), and you know the Germans always make good stuff. Made of 100% gypsy meat. Link [via]

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Baked Goods For The Horde!

Even orcs and trolls love the occasional cupcake. Get them together for their best undead friend’s birthday and just try to keep them away from the tasty goodies. Delicately crafted from a fully-leveled cooking skill, these Horde Cupcakes are perfectly suited for WoW get-togethers or even as a goody for gaming conventions. Cooking is totally customizable, so you can add ...

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Ketchup Flavored Microsoft Windows Chips Probably Not OKed By Mr. Gates

Microsoft’s software sales must be lagging pretty bad if they feel it’s needed to enter into the junk food business. We already were witness to the Microsoft Soda rage, but when exactly did they start releasing ketchup-flavored potato chips in Egypt? Ketchup Windows Chips can only be washed down with a large swig of Natural “Talking Rain” flavored Windows Soda. ...

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