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Hello Nurse! Art Or Photography? We Don’t Care

Take a look at the image above. Is it a photograph or is it a painting? It’s actually an oil painting influenced by the aesthetic of black and white photography created by Adam Stennett. I’ve got no idea how he makes these images look so life-like, especially the water running down this lady’s crack. Hubba hubba. All I know is: ...

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New Jet Fuel Made From Pond Scum

Finding new ways to make eco-friendly biofuels is going to be crucial to surviving this whole global warming thing. That’s why it’s so exciting that someone’s figured out how to power jets with alga. A synthetic biology company named Solazyme has figured out how to make jet fuel using oil produced by caged marine microorganisms. Other companies are researching algal ...

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Beer Bottle Organ Is Not A Waste Of Beer

There’s something to be said about a man who owns an organ comprised of beer bottles. Though making an organ work with bottles is very old-fashioned, Gary Rickert takes it to the next level using every-day brand beers we know and love. Each bottle is individually filled with just the right amount of mineral oil for a diverse sound, not ...

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