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6 Gadgets We Were Sure We’d Have By Now…


Throughout the years we have been convinced that in year xyz we would have gadget abc. Sometimes those gadgets come to be, but sometimes they just don't. Today we're taking a look at 6 gadgets we were sure would be a part of daily life by now.

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5 Really Weird Japanese Gadgets

Full Body Umbrella

It's no secret that in Japan there are some weird and crazy gadgets. Some of these gadgets make you wonder what the inventor was thinking...and then some of them there are just no words for. Allow us to introduce you to five such inventions.

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What The Hell Is McDiving?


If you’re a net surfer then chances are that you’ve run in to some pictures of McDiving. Not so well versed with the net and trending fads? Allow us to show you just what McDiving is. Do we understand it? Not so much, but it seems to be the new “planking” and it’s really irritating McDonald’s employees everywhere.

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4 Of The Strangest Criminal Defenses Ever

Sibling Larceny

Watching shows like "Cops" or forensic anything on the channel that my girlfriend affectionately refers to as "the Murder Channel" will yield interesting information. What it will also yield however, is plenty of absolutely ridiculous excuses for criminal actions. Today we want to take a look at 4 of the most ridiculous criminal defenses from the mouths of criminals themselves.

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The Longest Joke in the History of the World


Have you ever heard a joke that was so long that by about a quarter of the way through you wanted to stop listening but just couldn't because you wanted to know the punchline? Well read on because we're about to re-enact said scenario.

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