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Nissan’s New Bot Prevents Collisions

Thanks to Nissan’s Biomimetic Robot Car (BR23C), crash test dummies could find themselves out of a job. Having been compared to R2-D2 (but bearing no resemblance whatsoever), the BR23C will not maintain your car like a mechanic would, rather, it will play the part of backseat driver. The robot is the “poster-bot” for Nissan’s new crash prevention technology. Drawing upon ...

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The Little Robot Cockroach That Could

Check out Guilherme Martin’s first attempt at making a robot. He uses an Arduino and motor shield with one servo for steering and a standard DC motor for movement. It’s dubbed “baratinha” meaning “little cockroach” in Portuguese. Using two micro-switches as if they were antennae, baratinha is able to detect obstacles in its way. It’s just like a real cockroach ...

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Sanyo “Under Floor Inspection” Robot Checks Your Pipes

This robot from Sanyo is designed to maneuver under your floor. Bypassing any obstacles in its way, enabling users to remotely inspect the leakage of their home’s piping, corrosion and deterioration of structures. The robot is operated via remote control, taking photos of the pipes in question, displaying the image to your pipe expert. This means that half of a ...

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