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Cassette Wallet brings us back to the eighties

Remember these things? They are called “cassette tapes” and were widely used in the 80’s and early-90’s. What was the single most popular music format for over a decade, is now being used as novelty fashion products. Hand-made using real used cassette tapes, the Cassette Wallet screams memories of our old Warrant and Poison cassettes. Made by designer Marcella Foschi, ...

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Floppy Disk Journal gives a new job to those legacy flops

You might of forgotten, but these floppy disks were once the storage media of choice. Now your most likely to find them piled at trash dumps or buried in your closet somewhere. The Floppy Disk Journal gives a new use to an obsolete technology. These old floppy drives have been converted  into functioning notebooks. What’s really cool about this is ...

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