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Bitch Bandages Complain About Paper Cuts For You

“Shit… dammit… cock!” Thus are the words that pour from between my teeth after I accidentally cut myself with a piece of friggen’ paper. The Shit Happens! Bandages do the dirty work for you, expressing your frustration for days to come with four different expletives. $7 for 25 excuses to be obscene? Where do I sign?! Link [via]

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Guantnamo Theme At Coney Island Is Frightening

Have you been to Coney Island lately? It’s the prime spot for carny games and funnel cake. Now, it’s got even more appeal, with robots acting out the infamous torture technique of waterboarding. It’ll have you running in terror as if you’re being chased by a creepy old man bot. Artist Steve Powers opened the Waterboard Thrill Ride on West ...

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