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Can’t Ride? Sit

Supporting the Obama campaign can be tiring, unless you build your own stool out of the handlebars from your bike. Then of course, you’d ride your bike with no handlebars. Spotted on Make, Flickr user Xnedski found this Obama supporter carrying bike handlebars. As you can see, this man carries his handlebar stool everywhere. It beats wearing a garbage bag ...

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Gargoyle Elections

I love the mean, snarl-toothed looks these gargoyles have. Whether you hate Obama or McCain, your political adversaries will be sure to get hot-headed when they see one sitting on your desk. At $25 each or $40 for both, these make a great gift for anyone remotely interested into politics or Satan. I still have one question, though: Where’s Bush? ...

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An Obama Of Our Own: Fold Your Own Candidate

Depending on your political affiliation, this site is now offering the three major contenders as downloadable and printable finger puppets. But really, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t they have finger puppets of us? Whether you are a McCain man, a Clintonite, or an Obama brotha, you can print out all three of the finger puppets and hold ...

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Barack Obama Becomes Owned-bama

Barack Obama is all about spreading the word of hope. His counterparts would like you to think otherwise, as can be seen by a recent hacking of Obama’s very own Hope.net. The hacker smeared the site with red lettering which says “Spread the word! Barack Obama has no security on his web site! Will his administration have no security?”, later ...

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Laugh of the Day: Anti-cell hypocrite wench crashes while on cell

Afro-rocking California Senator Carole Migden, who has been known throughout congress as an ardent activist supporting a law against driving while on the cellphone, fell prey to her own hypocrite views. While cruising around in her SUV, Migden crashed into another car as she blabbed and gossiped away on her cellphone. Most likely talking about how bad she wants to ...

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