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Local River: Art Meets Nature

A self-sufficient aquarium? To an extent, that’s what one could probably call Local River. The latest project from French designer Mathieu Lehanneur features a small aquarium with untrained fish swimming around at the bottom. Various plant life grows around the tank and the fish feed off it as they please. In turn, the plants provide nutrients for the fish and ...

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Street Art Makes The World More Pixel-y

Found on the streets of New York, located on the NYU campus, between 2nd and 3rd St. by the Barney Building, sits a hidden gem of street art. Captured and uploaded onto Flickr by user hungryghoast, the “Flowing Pixel” street sculpture depicts a faucet spitting out pixelated water. The piping sort of reminds me from that secret area in Super ...

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New York City With A Taste Of Niagara

How often do city dwellers get the chance to see a wonder of nature such as the waterfall? Not often enough. I live about 45 minutes from NYC, and I can tell you first hand that the city is magical. It has mostly everything someone could want, and then some. While Central Park provides tourists with a dose of greenery, ...

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