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Make Your Own Wii Games With MoteDaemon

Here’s a bitchin’ application for Adobe Flash/Flex developers. It’s called MoteDaemon and it’s kind of like Matt Damon except it allows you to create Wiimote-controlled applications for OS X. Now, you too can create your very own sub par Nintendo Wii games for your Mac. To make your experience of making lousy games for old people and kids even easier, ...

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Clerks Wii Case Mod: I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

We’ve seen our share of awesome Wii-themed mods, including the Bloodstained Manhunt 2 Wii Case Mod, and even a mod for the Wii’s peripherals, like the Power Glove Wiimote mod. This case mod was commissioned for Kevin Smith himself, based around the ultra-geeky cult following of the movie Clerks. Featuring figurines of the four main characters of the movie on ...

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Nyko Cuts The Wiimote, Nunchuck Umbilical Cord

You want this for your Wii, you just didn’t know it yet. Nyko has unveiled a set of wireless Wiimote and Nunchucks for the Wii. Don’t lose control of your Nunchuck just because of your impressive wingspan. A wireless receiver plugs into your Wimote, connecting to the Nunchuck extension via a 2.4 GHz band. Not many details are known of ...

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