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Average Day Wristwatch Doesn’t Care Much For Numbers

Are you more of a “take action” sort of person, rather than a tight-scheduled numbers guy? The Average Day Watch, designed by Crispin Jones, is crafted for people just like you, who just don’t find much need for numbers in their life. Replacing the traditional digits are an assortment of daily routines. Just after noon? Then you know it’s time ...

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Add a Numpad To Your Laptop

Have a Macbook or Macbook Pro and an iPhone? Great. You’re officially the ultimate Apple fanboy. Now that that’s settled, let’s review Balmuda Software’s Numberkey Connect software. Install it on your Mac then shell out $1.99 for the iPhone app and you’re done. You have a nice-looking numeric keypad you can use in conjunction with your laptop. A savior for ...

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Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication

Maggie Macnab is a woman who cares about presentation. Her new book Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication is a look into common corporate logos and designs that contain hidden meanings. Even the relevance of basic shapes, numbers and symbols in communication is a strong subject matter throughout the book. For designers looking for symbolism around every ...

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PayPal Security Keys just hastle users even more

PayPal can’t seem to get a break. Because it is the main payment method of eBay, there are always tons of people trying to hack into the system and exploit flaws. Now, we understand that there shouldn’t be any flaws in the first place, but people shouldn’t be trying to steal other’s identities either. So here is a step that ...

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