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Mr. Switch Light Switch Loves When You Flick His Nose

To be perfectly honest, I sort of feel bad for Mr. Switch. He has people constantly tweaking his nose into impossible angles and he’s forced to smile through it all. But we can see through his pain. Those down-turned eyebrows tell us all we need to know about Mr. Switch’s mental state. We half expect lines of grief to form ...

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FLASH: World War III Imminent

The word just came in over the wire. World War III has begun and it doesn’t involve Iran or Russia. This time, the war is being fought in our own backyards against allergies and smog, with especially hard times for those in Los Angeles. Luckily, our buddies in Korea was able to ship over some NOSK Transparent Nasal Filters for ...

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Nose Soap Dispenser Brings Back Nightmares of Mark Summers

I know it’s hard but try to be strong. Ever since you lost that physical challenge on Double Dare, life hasn’t been the same. That trip to Sea World was thisclose. Cheer up, though. Now you can get a DD-esque schnoz that goes in your shower and dispenses shower gel. At $18, it’s a great gag gift and should guarantee ...

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