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Quick Tip: Apple Now Selling Unsubsidized iPhones

If you’ve been waiting for the day where you could walk into an Apple store and buy an iPhone 3G without any contract bullshit, you’re in luck. Starting last night, Apple will now sell the 8GB iPhone 3G for $599 and 16GB for $699. While it’s expensive as hell, Apple should have no problems selling unsubsidized iPhones. I’m sure legions ...

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AT&T To Offer No-Commitment iPhone

Have $600 or $700 lying around and demand an iPhone 3G? Fantastic news! AT&T will now gladly sell you an unsubsidized iPhone 3G that requires no contract and doesn’t even need an activation. That means those rich nerds out there who are jailbreaking the device can scoop up a few of these without having to hit the eBay circuit. I ...

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