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Ninjabread Cookies

Even if you prefer Piratebread or even Zombiebread, you can’t deny the unique design of these Ninjabread Cookie Cutters. Made using strips of 0.5mm stainless steel and a jig to bend them into place, you can make your own Ninjabread Men if you’ve got the right supplies and feel like following some simple instructions at Instructables. If you thought catching ...

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What’s the Square Root of Pirate?

Argh, matey. Grab yourself a brisk pint of ale, a brand new pet parrot and get ready to take to the sea. Part of the New Math series by Craig Damraurer, this shirt merges math with the our scientific definition of a pirate. If we’ve done the math correctly, this awesome Pirate equation shirt is right up your gangplank. Grab ...

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Pirates vs. Ninjas Checker Set

Good vs. evil. Man vs. wild. Pirates vs. ninjas. The classic battles of humankind. For generations, men have debated whether pirates or ninjas were more bad ass than the other. For once, we might have an answer! The Pirates vs. Ninjas Checkers Set embattles the two warriors from the comfort of your coffee table. Each set is handmade. Both large ...

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