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Private Ninja Lessons

Whether you’re a believer in the superiority of pirates or ninjas, you can’t underestimate the need to have knowledge in both areas of expertise. For $195, you to can learn the art of being a ninja in a private lesson from a teacher with full Shidoshi status, as long as your willing to make a trip out to Bronxville, NY. ...

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How to Win a Fight

What in the world can that be?! WHOOOOOP! There is is, booooooyyyy! How is it possible to be a successful fighter even if you have the body of a walrus? You must utilize your ninja instincts. The power of distraction is your friend. Women only want men with skills. This will prove to them that your skills are on par ...

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Concealable Knife And Blowgun For Ninjas

We all have enemies. That’s why Gearfuse posts a slew of weapons such as the WASP Knife and End Table Defense System. No, we don’t condone violence or the use of weapons for any other reason than self defense, but how can we resist with this $15 dollar concealable pocket knife with a folding blowgun attached to it? Simply put: ...

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Animal Cruelty At Its Finest

Despite this woman’s smug look, this could be considered animal cruelty. If it is, it’s perhaps the coolest-looking animal cruelty out there. It would take an impeccable amount of grooming skill to style your dogs hair in order to make it look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. In this case, its Leonardo. Cleverly dubbed “Leonardoodle,” this poor dog is ...

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Ninja Bunny Cord Clean-up

Do your headphone cords curl up into a big mess that not even a rubber band or twist tie can maintain? Then you are in need of a ninja bunny. It’s a cable manager that adds a hint of geekiness and style to that jumbled mess of strings dangling from your ears.� Well, unless you’re in Korea, you won’t find ...

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Games I Dream I’m In

We all have games that indirectly inspire our dreams. There may be even some that give us nightmares. Some games you can’t help but wish you were the main character of just so you can get with the princess at the end of the story. Hit the jump to see the games that I dream I’m in, whether it be ...

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