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iHome’s iLamp Is Suitable For All Persons

Finding room for both an iPod dock and a lamp can be tough business when it comes to decking out your little end table. For iHome’s latest idea, the iLamp, preventing end table clutter will never be easier. It’s almost like every other iPod dock. It’s got a 6W speaker output and it differentiates by incorporating a bitchin’ light source ...

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The reviveLITE Charges Apple Gadgets While Lighting The Way

I always find myself stubbing my toe when navigating through my room in the dark. It hurts like hell. If only I had this nightlight/charger for my iPhone. With the $40 dollar reviveLITE, I’d not only be rejuvenating my iPhone’s battery, but I’d also be saving my toenails from an otherwise gruesome deformity after colliding with an unforeseen object. Developed ...

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Nature’s Night Lights

Ryan was showing me some video of a hornet killing a cicada whilst we discussed posts about bugs. Then, I suddenly stumbled upon this video of a glowing trilobite beetle. Watch how it lights up in the dark like a raver’s glowstick. The ‘net doesn’t say too much about the creature but I did find this information on Mahalo: The ...

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$300,000 Watch Doesn’t Tell Time, But Transcends Time and Space

Though the fundamentally awesome concept of time and space appears intriguing to both stoners and astrophysicists, only one of two groups can afford this particular watch. Designed by Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome, the Day&Night watch offers (wait for it) only two modes of time: day and night. The Wall Street Journal explains how it works in exceptional detail: The watch ...

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Nightglasses, Corey Hart knew what he was talking about after all

You didn’t realize the joke in “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night”, did you? Luckily for you, you now get to be the only person in the group of your friends to think that these glasses will make you as cool as Corey Hart. The glasses (not sunglasses) really show off their abilities when you step into the clubs with ...

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