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NFL Launches Game Rewind Service

If you’re a football fan with a broadband Internet connection, your weekend just got a whole lot better. The NFL has launched a service called “Game Rewind” that will retail for $19.99 for the season or $4.99 a week. The service lets you watch all the football games you can handle in HD quality with no commercials. Awesome, right? It ...

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Watch NFL Games For Free

Unlike the MLB or NHL, the NFL understands the importance of a perfectly good game of sports playing on the Internet. Without cable or satellite, you’re going to be missing a lot of games or making plenty of trips to your local sports bar. But now, thanks to the webs, you can sit at home in your underwear with a ...

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Robot Footballers Are Too Fragile For The NFL, But They’d Need To Catch Them First

Apparently robots partaking in athletics is becoming a recognized venue. I’m not talking about Battle Bots, although I’ve heard that the show is planned to make a comeback. I’m talking about straight-up American football (ironically taking place in Japan.) The video above shows two teams consisting of pure robotics, battling it out on a mini-Football field. Now, these bots aren’t ...

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