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Camera-based Gaming Console Could Be Next From Nintendo

The Wii was Nintendo’s reinvention of the gaming console as we know it, but what’s next for the super gaming company? Microchip manufacturer Intel seems to believe that the next generation of consoles won’t even have hand controls. “You just set up the cameras around the room and wave your hand like you’re playing tennis,” says Intel chief technology officer, ...

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iSave London, iSave France, iSave water cuz I’m a sparty pants

Whether you live in an area where there’s been a drought or you just want to be more efficient with your utilities, iSave, a runner-up in the Metropolis Magazine Next Generation awards, is made to help you conserve water. iSave easily attaches to your sink or other faucet head and displays on a simple, yet efficient digital screen, the amount ...

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Blizzard recruiting new faces for next-gen MMO game develoment

With recent confirmation of a sequel to the ever-popular Starcraft series of games, rumors and predictions have been floating around that either Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 will be somehow involved in the MMORPG gaming market. Blizzard is now further expanding this rumor with a job listing posted in the Employment section of their website. The listing describes the position ...

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