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Toys That Make No Sense: Knit Star Trek Meerkats

I don’t have a problem with Meerkats. They are a fine animal and an all-around interesting species. I just don’t see their place in the Star Trek universe. But, hell, why the heck not, right? Some of you Star Trek purists might be a little turned off, but for the most part, I think these hand knit Star Trek Meerkats ...

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Matsushita showcases data transfer via visible light

When the term “data beaming” was coined, people can’t help but to think that there’s an actual beam between 2 devices that travels and carries the data across. In actual fact this does not happen unless you wear infrared-enabled night spectacles. This morning National (Matsushita) demonstrated the new Visible Light Communications technology (VLC) at the International Lighting Fair. As the ...

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