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Happy New Year Jews and Jewettes!

Ahh, my fellow brothers and sisters. It’s that time of the year where we celebrate the new year. As 5770 comes to an end and 5771 begins, we reflect on the past year’s indiscretions. Indiscretions in our home life, indiscretions in our relationships and indiscretions with farm animals, and we ask for forgiveness and make an oath to ourselves to ...

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Happy New Year From Gearfuse!

We here at Gearfuse would like to wish you a happy new year and a healthy 2009! We’ll be off today (January 1st) but don’t let that stop you from curing your hangover! Thanks for reading Gearfuse and we look forward to a new year full of shenannigans.

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Chinese Lion Made From LEGOs

Nelson Yrizarry is pretty decent at his LEGO crafting. This Chinese Lion, typically found at Chinese New Year celebrations worldwide, is constructed from an assload of LEGOs and features intricate details. Maybe if we team Nelson up with that dude who built his own submarine, they’ll make one out of LEGOs that works. I wonder if it’s ever been attempted ...

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