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And You Thought Netflix Was Big in the US?

When I heard that Netflix streaming accounted for 20% of all U.S. peak traffic, I was shocked. But just a little shocked. Nothing that was totally impossible to wrap my mind around. But those Canadians? They really, really love their instant streaming. Netflix instant streaming accounts for 95% of all peak evening hours in Canada. 95%! As in only 5% ...

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Hulu Plus Subscription Price Might Be Slashed in Half

While Netflix has largely overwhelmed the subscription streaming market, CEO Reed Hastings even refers to the company now as “a streaming company that also offers DVD-by-mail,” Hulu still vies to regain their spot as the premier entertainment streaming source on the web. The launch of Hulu Plus several months ago was met with a mixed critical reception, with some critics ...

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Netflix Recommendations Are Getting Way Too Specific

If you’re a Netflix subscriber you’ve undoubtedly seen the company’s gradual specificity of their genre recommendations. It probably has something to do with integrating the algorithms of those companies who were lucky enough to win the two original contests to improve the company’s recommendation engine. Recommendations have moved from days of stunning vagueness, the most basic of categorizations, to the ...

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Netflix Releases Official iPhone and iPod Touch Apps

Netflix promised their iPhone and iPod Touch apps would be released this summer, and here they are. Netflix officially launched their Netflix for iPhone and iPod Touch apps today into the App Store. Netflix subscribers can use this app to stream your Instant Watch movies and TV shows right from your devices. I checked out the iPhone version of the ...

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