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Fake MacBook Mini Is Really An MSI Wind Netbook

Netbooks are all the craze these days. Everyone is wondering if Apple is going to hop on the netbook bandwagon and produce a mini MacBook. As of now, no word from Apple regarding that. On the other hand, a member of a German MSI Wind forum just couldn’t wait on Apple. He used a Dremel and six white LCD lights ...

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Lenovo’s First Shot At Netbooks

Computing isn’t always about raw power and trying to build the best gaming rig out there. Sometimes the simple bare necessities will suffice. Lenovos first netbook, the IdeaPad S10-42312CU, comes with all the bare necessities you’ll ever need to surf the web. Featuring a 10.2-inch 1024600 widescreen display, an Intel Atom N270 single core processor running at 1.6GHz, GMA 950 ...

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It’s Here: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Launches

We’ve been slowly bringing you news on Dell’s mini laptop that’s been all over the ‘net. There just wasn’t that much to talk about – until now. Dell is flipping the netbook market on its head with the Inspiron Mini 9, a $399 laptop with a 1024×600 LED-backlit screen. SSD storage will be standard with 4, 8 and 16GB options. ...

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Commodore Comeback

In the wake of the Commodore 64 LAN party comes a new breed of laptop. Commodore is pulling a Steve Jobs, as in: you heard it was dead, but it was all lies. It’s making a comeback with a netbook, go figure, it’s the UMMD 8010/F. Compared to the Commodore 64, it’s loaded. The UMMD 8010/F has a 10″ screen ...

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