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6.6-Foot Tall Edible Gingerbread House: $15,000 of Tasty

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus isn’t exactly known for their budget items. And the Edible Gingerbread Playhouse is no exception. At $15,000 a pop, despite its utter lack of ninja moves, this is one bushel of holiday joy that money really can buy. Made using 381 lbs. of gourmet gingerbread and 517 lbs. of royal icing, not to mention giant cookies, ...

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Swami, The Fortune Telling Robot: “I Predict You Will Spend $75,000 For Me”

Swami is a creation from outrageously expensive retailer Neiman Marcus. This fortune telling robot lives up to the expensive reputation and then some. This glass entombed animatron can recognize family members and answer the questions you ask of it. Swami has a character-engine artificial intelligence, micro-camera eyes, and around 30 robotic mowers to make this bot one fantastic, yet realistic ...

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