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NEC Camera Powered By Lightbulbs

� NEC has developed a prototype for a wireless security camera that run off of the power generated by fluorescent light bulbs. The camera just needs to be hung on the ceiling in close proximity to a florescent light source, where it is connected with a wire with a ring-like adapter on the other end. The flourecent light produces energy ...

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Power off, lights still on

Not sure if you have ever noticed that some fluorescent lights do glow in the dark for a while after you’ve turned off the power, that’s because the excited particles (ions) take time to give out the light (photon) after being excited by electrical energy. NEC has extended this behavior of fluorescence material and apply it to their new Hotalook-alpha ...

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DoCoMo announces 703i series, BRAVIA SO903iTV and double internal screen D800iDS

Just 4 hours after AU KDDI’s announcement, NTT DoCoMo announced the new WCDMA 703i series in Tokyo. Nothing out of our expectation as we wrote about before. Also announced are the SonyEricsson BRAVIA SO903iTV DMB phone and Mitsubishi’s double-internal screen D900iDS, both of which Gearfuse premiered on Sunday. The 703i series is the mid-low end of DoCoMo’s 3G portfolio, so ...

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Samsung’s “World’s First” Optical Joystick: really NEC’s 3.9-year-old Neuropointer renamed and remarketed

Here’s a really Samsung thing to do, they tend to “borrow” ideas and remarket them. Just when we thought that we should give a “new company” another chance, they ripped off LG- their domestic enemy- with the Chololate-wannabee E900. Now it’s a different level, because they are ripping off other people’s technology instead, it’s the “world’s first Optical Joystick” on ...

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NEC’s ShieldPRO Tablet PC: New, Tough, and Ugly

People must like dropping their laptops, because laptop manufacturers continue to churn out ruggedized laptops, such as the ShieldPRO Tablet from NEC. This is one tough tablet: it can survive 3-foot drops onto concrete, -20C to 50C (-4F to 122F) temperatures, dust, sand, even being fully submerged in water. The ShieldPRO is encased in 48mm (1.89 inch) thick magnesium alloy, ...

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