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Because It’s (Almost) Friday: Chewbacca Riding a Squirrel and Battling Nazis

Little known fact: without the aid of the Wookiee army of Kashyyyk, it’s very likely that the U.S. and the allied forces would have been unable to control the Nazi advancement. While the Wookiee’s intervention is still kept out of most textbooks, most historians have come to accept our nasty little secret. But why would Chewbacca choose to help little ...

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Solar-powered Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo is full of Nazis. Did you know that? In fact, the ratio of Nazis to gaming developers at Nintendo is 47:1. That’s huge. It’s also why Nintendo doesn’t put out a solar-powered DS Lite. The console is popular; a smash hit if you will. Why not power it with rays from the sun? At least some dude who’s good ...

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New Wolfenstein Game Will Be Fuehrer Free

Adolf Hitler won’t be making an appearance in the newest installment of the classic WWII-themed Wolfenstein video game series. For those of you who are under 21, Wolfenstein is a Nazi shoot ’em up game that’s widely recognized as the godfather of the first person shooter genre. Wolfenstein 3D, which was released in 1992 featured Hitler as an evil boss, ...

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