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Hitler’s Response to the iPad

We tend to keep away from the overplayed, overdone memes in exchange for starting our own. That’s just how we roll. But there was no resisting Hitler’s take on Apple’s newest creation, the iPad tablet. Steve-o, I’d look out if I were you. The fuhrer has made up his mind, and you know that everything Hitler sets his mind to ...

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How To Kill Nazis with Your Jailbroken iPhone: Wolfenstein

You must be saying to yourself, “Surely, Gearfuse, you must be mistaken! There’s no way the full and unedited game of Wolfenstein could be available on my iPhone!” Well, it is and it has been released for all jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches. We’re talking a full port here. Not some half-assed ripoff. You’ve wondered when Nazi-killing would be possible ...

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Wolfenflickr 3-D Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

When Wolfenstein 3-D and Flickr wanted to get married, I gave them my best wishes. Just kidding, software and photo sharing sites can’t get married, silly. They can, however, be fused. Thanks to some anonymous geek with Javascript skills, this mashup of the popular FPS shooter game and photo sharing site takes the best from both and allows users to ...

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