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MacBook Nano: Is it possible?

Seeing this picture made our hopes rise, but they were quickly ducked down a notch. The photo is actually a fantasy mock-up of from Electro^Plankton. This doesn’t mean that we’ll never see something like this as a physical object though. The possibility is there for such an object to be created, maybe sooner then we think. What would be Apple’s ...

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nDoo or not nDoo? That is the concept: Nanotechnology in 2047

Designer Patrick Gunther takes a mix of fantasy and possible futuristic medicine and has designed some prototypes for what he envisions nanotechnology to look like in the future. Gunther thinks that in only forth years time, we might have nanotechnology capable of swimming through our bloodstream, acting as a man-made immune system. AIDS and other immunity deficient diseases would become ...

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Ramos Q13 iPod Nano clone, how close is too close?

Can points be given for near perfect replication of a super-star media player? Probably not, but Ramos still did a very nice job with the Q13 and making the closest thing to a Nano close we’ve seen. It has the rounded sides, the 1.5-inch LCD (with a resolution of 176×132), video support, and the 1GB flash drive to boot. Unfortunately, ...

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The iPhone is HUGE!

Ok, so we might be slightly exaggerating on the iPhone’s hugeness, but it sure isn’t the smallest thing on the market according to the pictured size comparisons. As you can see from its relative size to the Motorola SLVR, the 30GB iPod, and the Nano, it’s not really a tiny device. Though, we guess since it is going to be ...

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