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N95 trashed after a failed relationship and GPS attempt

This is perhaps the first trashed N95 we’ve seen. Some rich dude proudly claimed that he trashed his uber expensive Nokia N95 after breaking up with his girlfriend, other precipitating factors include: 1. the GPS failed to locate him 2. the GPRS got disconnected all the time 3. he’s too angry with Nokia for over-pricing the phone 4. he’s RICH, ...

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Dissecting the Nokia N95

Before the almighty, all-expensive Nokia N95 made it into the market, the guys at IT168 had taken a preproduction model and decided to take it apart. You can follow the link below for the stills, the video was not the dissection (corrected — Jan.8) but just a review walk-through. IT168 also made a comment that we have not heard of: ...

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