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Nintendo Gaming Cartridge Soaps

No matter what Nintendo flavor is your favorite you can just about bet that Lesley Karpiuk has the right soap for you. Inspired by the iconic design of retro Nintendo cartridges, these soaps come in NES, SNES, N64 and Gameboy varieties. The prices range from $2 to $6.50, so even if you prefer the significantly larger NES soap, it won’t ...

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Buy My Label-less N64 Cartridge… If You Dare

But see, I don’t dare. And I’ll tell you where you screwed up. 25% of the profits go right the Child’s Play charity. Which means 75% still goes to some dude. Look, I’m not feeling very charitable. I can barely put food on the table myself. I’ve been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches twice a day. So while I’m ...

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The Evolution of Nintendo Controllers

Nintendo really sort of lost it with that GameCube controller. Eight buttons? Not even counting the sticks or the control pad. Was that really necessary? With the Wii, Nintendo took us back to their simpler hey-day. It’s too bad the console is such shit. But in the Wii’s defense, the new Wii Super Mario Bros. game is a saving grace. ...

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Use Your Retro Nintendo Controllers With The Wii

The one thing the Nintendo Wii has going for it is the ability to download classic NES and SNES titles and play them at your free will. The problem is, the Wiimote sucks. It’s the worst controller in the world for playing games that require no more than a D-pad and two buttons. This nifty little adaptor from Komodo will ...

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The Force Is Strong With This One

From the Atari Flashback Portable to the portable SNES, it seems almost every system has been turned into a handheld at this point. Over at the Ben Heck forums, user Hailrazer posted an impressive DIY project of his. Using an old Lazer Doodle he found at a flea market, he modded it into an impressive portable Nintendo 64 dubbed Darth ...

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Nintendo announced Mario Kart 64 for Virtual Console

So what will Nintendo do now that the Wii has been released and the initial flow of new games has stopped? Well, besides selling more and more Wiis, they are leveraging their Virtual Console platform to launch new (old) games. Having just released Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Mario Kart 64 is set to be available next week on VC. Why ...

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