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Anatomical Papercraft

Bert Simons created this excellent anatomical papercraft of the muscles of the human skull. Simons calls it an “anatomically incorrect representation,” but it looks pretty damn nifty, incorrect or not. Link [via]

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Keep Buff At Your Desk With Springflex

Yes, it’s a familiar image. Sitting in front of the computer with your toned, well-oiled, rippling muscles glimmering under the desk light’s glow. But after a while, your toned physique starts turning into goo, until you’ve lost so much muscle tone you can barely lift up a pen to jot down a note. Springflex clamps right onto your desk, offering ...

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Stop yo snoring, fo realz

Many home remedies and crappy products claim to cure the age old annoyance of snoring. Most of these products are more comparable to a drill with a low battery. The sound is still there, just dulled. The SnoreStopper claims to cure all of your snoring ills without the use of weird looking face masks or nose clips. The SnoreStopper is ...

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