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Coming Soon: Jersey Shore Halloween Costumes

As a native New Jerseyan, I can fully assure you that Jersey is nothing like it is portrayed in the show Jersey Shore. Not all of us go around lifting up our shirts and showing off our abs. Not all of us get drunk everyday of the week and hook up with random strangers. No, no. In fact, many of ...

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“I Hated Kanye Before Hating Kanye Was Cool” T-Shirt

Now that hating on Kanye is the “cool” thing to do, following his disastrous and distasteful showing at the MTV VMAs, I’ve got to represent my Kanye hating pride before the hipsters make hating on Kanye just another slice of conformist culture. The best way to rep your hate? I’d say this t-shirt is pretty damn close. Look, don’t get ...

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Rock Band To Get Nearly 5000 Tracks This Year

According to Billboard, the ever-popular Rock Band is due to get “as many as 5000” new tracks this year via downloadable content. The report comes as I completed “…And Justice For All” on Expert at 100% last night. Harmonix has already released over 500 songs for the Rock Band series, putting it way above the number of tracks Guitar Hero: ...

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As My Rock Band Guitar Gently Weeps

Originally people thought that the Beatles would make an appearance in the latest Rock Band game. It turns out that MTV Networks announced a deal with the Beatles’ record label, Apple Corps, to create a Beatles-branded music video game. The same developers behind Rock Band will be making the game, apart from its already successful Rock Band franchise. “The project ...

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Afternoon Linkage for September 26th, 2008

BAD COMPANY THE SONG. THE BAND. THE ALBUM. Walk The Dinosaur! Sludge Factory Ramblin’ Man Hot For Teacher The Weight Too Dead For Me The Camera Eye Bittersweet Symphony Dancing With Myself It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Door So Lonely Have great links you want showcased on Afternoon Linkage? E-mail us: tips AT gearfuse DOT com.

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