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Walmart, get with it, Firefox is real and it has a market share

Walmart has outdone Apple with its major studio online video download service. There, it’s been said, now let’s get to the part where Walmart screwed up big time. Just visit the site. Yeah, it really does look like that (if you are using IE, not only are you crazy, you won’t get this article). That, ladies and gentlemen, is what ...

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Proclaim your love for everything Mozilla with a backpack

Firefox merch is probably some of the best merch that money can buy. If you are one of the very inteligent people across the world who have made the decision to be a convert of a clean and extendable browser, that little picture of a T-Rex head should be very recognizable to you. While it isn’t the Firefox symbol, it ...

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Mozilla releases Firefox with security & Vista updates

Mozilla has released an update for the best browser in the world: Firefox! The update version is and as you might guess by this minute version change, not too much has visibly changed in the browser. There have been some security updates that fix some bugs Firefox has. The update has also added Microsoft Vista support (save for a ...

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Firefox 3.0 alpha “Gran Paradiso” already available for download

Shouldn’t Mozilla be spending their time fine tuning Firefox 2.0 before letting outlandish future projects get in the way? Of course they should, but in today’s lightining speed internet world, the name of the game is more, more, faster, more productive, more, more. So for those who love getting their hands on early software, here’s a little 3.0 goodness to ...

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