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Creepy Talking Robot Mouth Needs More Mustache

I’m not sure if you can actually call this “talking,” per se, but the oral movements of this robot are more akin to the actual movements of human oral muscles then I’ve seen in other robotic works. It’s certainly worthy of an uncanny feeling. Even if it does sound like one of the bots female attendance got a little bit ...

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Super Powers!: Girl Can Properly Identify LEGO Minifigs Using Only Her Mouth

Superman has his super-strength. Batman has his gadgets (and his finger). Spiderman has his radioactive spidey senses. But none can match theunadulteratedpower of this girl who recently appeared on German TV. Not only did she get to sit in Captain Kirk’s chair (for reasons that alludes me), but she can pretty accuratelyidentifyStar Wars LEGO minifigs using only her mouth, with ...

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Mustache Handkerchief

Never get caught eating at a French restaurant without a mustache again. With this $16 handkerchief from Avril Loreti, a designer on Etsy, you’ll have four stunning mustaches to choose from whilst you wipe your punim. The ‘staches were inspired by Dali and Tom Selleck, among others. Link (via)

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There’s A Party In My Mouth: An Oral Extravaganza

For a moment we thought that Julia Roberts was finally allowing spectators to tour her gigantic pie hole, but now it sees as though we were misled. This gigantic mouth is actually a a new attraction at Corpus, a half-amusement park, half-museum in Amsterdam, which recently opened up a their interactive feature which allows visitors to explore large models of ...

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Braceface? No, a titanium bristled toothbrush

So what do you think of when someone mentions metal in your mouth? Headgear? Braces? Or a toothbrush? This is about the latter. The TiFinity toothbrush uses titanium bristles to clean your teeth and last for an extremely long time. This toothbrush has a lifespan of 2 years! So what do you pay for a toothbrush that lasts for 2 ...

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