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MOTORIZR Z8’s new “kick-slider” does not kick your face

Motorola has released the MOTORIZR Z8, and it looks as if this new phone really has some improvements (unlike some other MOTO updates). The MOTORIZR Z8 is one of the first phones to feature what is being called the “kick-slider”. This kick-slider has the phone, when open, curve to fit to the contours of your face. No longer is it ...

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Updated MOTORIZR Z6 futhers Motorola’s adoption of a Linux-based UI

Are you tired of the RAZR design? Hope not, because Motorola is far from done rolling out these new phones that emphasize the RAZR aesthetic. In this case, it’s the motorizr z3 slider handset being updated to the z6. No real design makeovers, but motorola is pushing the media capabilities more than before. Even thought the z6 only has 64MB ...

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