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Motorized Window Curtain Automatically Follows Peeping Toms

For some people, the easy way out just doesn’t cut it. You could make a good argument that it would have been much easier just to get a curtain that comfortably fit in front of the whole window, or find some blinds that would scare people away. Even a shower curtain would work. But it’s the principle of the thing! ...

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Father And Son Arduino Flashlight Leash

What better way for a father and son to spend the Thanksgiving weekend together than to build a robot out of a tin can and an Arduino. As far as robots go, this little autonomous aluminum can seeks out light and moves in the direction of it. The creator cleverly refers to this as a “flashlight leash.” With an Arduino, ...

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Wave Farm Swims For Power In Portugal

The world’s first ever wave farm went live at the end of September in Agucadoura, off the coast of northern Portugal. Three wave energy converters resembling Soviet submarines generate electricity with hydraulic rams driven by waves. The farm was designed by Pelamis Wave Power, which hopes to increase the farms productivity by adding an additional 25 wave energy converters that ...

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Guitar Boat Is Rockin’ Until It Capsizes

A guitar boat sounds great on paper. It’s a chick magnet. It plays tunes. It can get you down the Yangtze river. Well, maybe not the owner of this boat, Australian singer Josh Pyke. He’d find it difficult once the locals catch up to him with their boats shaped like boats and capsize his ass, sending him down stream quicker ...

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The Little Robot Cockroach That Could

Check out Guilherme Martin’s first attempt at making a robot. He uses an Arduino and motor shield with one servo for steering and a standard DC motor for movement. It’s dubbed “baratinha” meaning “little cockroach” in Portuguese. Using two micro-switches as if they were antennae, baratinha is able to detect obstacles in its way.� It’s just like a real cockroach ...

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The Anti-Bike: A Block Of Metal With Wheels

If you’ve been looking for a graceful motor bike to cruise around the city streets with, the nUCLEUS is definitely not the bike for you. Designed by Branko Lukic, the nUCLEUS is the antagonist of aerodynamic design, built on the foundations of “square against air.” Despite the nUCLEUS’ physics defying design, it’s described as being more nimble then it looks. ...

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