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Uber Ultrasound For Impatient Women

Are you an impatient mother who can’t hold onto her diaphragm without worrying if the fetus in her womb will develop sickle-cell anemia? Well no worries, tubby, because Royal Philips Electronics wants to turn those awkward and impersonal ultrasounds into something “much more playful,” says Frank Rettenbacher, a product designer for Philips. Now, that’s just fucking creepy.� Philips researchers were ...

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94-year-old Mother Runs Over Son With ATV

Your eyes do not deceive you, dear readers. Some jackass actually let his 94-year-old mother (meaning she was born in 1914, mind you) ride an ATV around on his property. Eventually, she ran his ass over. From the article: Smith was working with his mother, Mary Smith, around 12:30 p.m. at the property about 6 miles north of Howell, police ...

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