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Electronic Rubik’s Cube No One Will Buy

While digitizing a Rubik’s cube would offer little more than confusion and frustration, at least it’s a one-up from Hasbro’s Lights Out. However, it is not a one-up from the original design of the Rubik’s cube, which is a classic amongst puzzle games worldwide. Rubik’s cubes were always the cheap toy you could throw around when you couldn’t solve it, ...

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With These Shoes You’ll Always Collect $200 When Passing Go

There is little selection of footwear that are cooler than high-tops. When Reebok high-tops are fashioned with a Monopoly board design, even Rich Uncle Pennybags can’t resist dropping a money bag to rock these bad boys. Set to be released around the same time as the Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition, these high-tops with dice patterned laces make ...

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What if Monopoly looked like this?

You know the classic bored game Monopoly? One session of that game takes like 6 hours to play before someone dominates the bored. Something tells me those hours would seem much shorter if the game cards were like these. It’s a nice mix between a reality-show based Life bored game and the classic Monopoly. Sure to make your confidence fall ...

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