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Mom Retells The Matrix, Hilarity Ensues

Old people can do more than smell funny and drive awful. They can also be adorably naive and humorous at times. YouTube user pixelspersecond watched The Matrix with his mother who had never seen or heard of the Wachowski's sci-fi classic, and then recorded her retelling the plot right after they finished watching.

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Beautiful Butterfly Clock

You’re in London and Mom wants a birthday present. As a gardener, she’s bound to love butterflies. And she cooks a lot too! So I can bet she’s always checking the clock to make sure her famous mocha-chip cookies aren’t burnt. Why not order this lovely butterfly clock from the Design Shop? It’s a bit expensive at $211, but would ...

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Momergency Kit: Something she could really use for Mother’s Day

I know, it’s a little late to be telling you now, but hey, you should get your mother the Momergency Kit for Mother’s Day. It comes with tools for Mom to help keep her sane, and to keep kids busy. Here’s a selection of what it includes followed by a brief explanation on what we think they could be used ...

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