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Japanese Professor Builds Elaborate Humanoid Robot for Killing Wasps

After hearing that one of his friends had been stung upwards of 90 times while trying to exterminate wasps from his property, Professor Sekine of Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, who was undoubtedly dealing with a wasp problem of his own, decided to come up with an easier way to conquer the problem of painful and potentially dangerous insect stings. Mohican, ...

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Typographic Mohawk Glorifies Your Font Addiction

Are you a self-proclaimed “typosexual” in need of a punkish new hairstyle? Look no further. For his talk at the London College of Communication, typographic artistOded Ezer wore this self-made Typo-Mohawk (Typmohawk?). It reads “Typosexual” though I have no idea what it is all about You and me both, brotha. You and me both. Just remember, if you’re going ...

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The Real Firefox

How big of a fanboy do you have to be to put your dog through the hassle of shaving a mohawk strip down the center of its back and then painting it Firefox orange. Can’t the ASPCA do something about this? Come on, animal cops, this is clearly animal cruelty. Now, if only the doggy’s little bed was a little ...

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Mr. T’s Mohawk Class And Other New WoW Commericials

Blizzard has added a set of new World Of Warcraft commercials to their official WoW site. So far they have posted versions with Mr. T, who claims to have a Night Elf Mohawk, despite the lack of a Mohawk class (though Mr. T claims to have expert computer skills), and William Shatner making his own appearance, admitting to being ...

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Quackers Punk Duck says “Screw you and your bath”

We spotted this Quackers Punk Duck and fell in love. It’s such a nice remake of the traditional yellow rubber ducky made famous from Ernie on Sesame Street. This duck wouldn’t put up with Ernie’s crap. The movement that turned a generation into rebels has created something so much more worth while. Novelty ducks! Complete with spiked choker necklace, a ...

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