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DIY Mod: Transform a retro toaster into a mini PC

While the computer has come a long way since its rise, the last two decades have proven to be rather uninteresting concerning the case design of most computers. The same old rectangular tower is still the norm for most PC’s. A company named Slipperyskip Computers has been experimenting by putting small motherboards into some interesting cases. Including coolest of all, ...

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Chumby multigadget for versatile tech needs and hacking inspired fun

You want a Chumby, you just don’t know it yet. A Chumby is a DIY versatile multigadget that is capable of displaying a variety of options and can be built into literally anything. The Chumby is basically a processor, some memory and a screen, but the lengths at what you can do with these few supplies are nearly endless. Users ...

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