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Is This The End For Blackberry?

BlackBerry Q10

Things have been looking shaky for Blackberry for a while now despite the insistence of Blackberry fans that corporate use of the devices would keep the company afloat. Unfortunately though, it looks like the end of the road is approaching for Blackberry.

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What You Need To Know About The Tomfoolery App


Founded by ex-Yahoo and AOL execs, the Tomfoolery app is designed to make more consumer friendly enterprise solutions. Today marks the release of the iOS7 friendly version of the Tomfoolery app, the launch of the Anchor conversation platform and its expansion in to Android territory.

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Apple Releases iOS 7 Today And iTunes 11.1!

iOS 7

Most Apple owners already know that iOS 7 is scheduled for launch today, but did you also know that iTunes 11.1 has just been released too? iOS 7 has Apple lovers on the edge of their seats today as they wait for the new iOS launch, but in the meantime we recommend downloading iTunes 11.1.

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Apple Announces Details On The iPhone 5S!

iPhone 5S

If the iPhone 5C isn't your cup of tea then you might be more interested in the unveiling of the iPhone 5S that was also announced today. The new high-grade aluminum iPhone 5S will be available in black, silver and gold and have chamfered edges.

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