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Hail a Taxi in The Warmest Way Possible

Being a frequent taxi rider must be pretty taxing on the avid mitten wearer. I know that if I drove a taxi, there’s little chance I’d be able to take mitten wearers very seriously. Mittens, in my brain, are completely associated with little kids. So when I see a full-grown adult donning a pair, I can’t help but coyly giggle ...

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Squid Hat Attack!

Yes! Just in time for winter comes a hat that will surely satisfy your tentacle fetish. They are hats that resemble squid and are handmade by Mike, aka MikeST on Flickr. Two of the tentacles contain mittens; a neat feature on headwear that’s already pretty creative! Link [via]

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Smoking Mittens Make Dying More Comfortable

If you’re a smoker, you know that smoking outside in the winter is a very unpleasant experience. If you smoke gloveless, your hands feel like they are freezing over. If you smoke with gloves, your hands are warm, but holding the cigarette becomes an obstacle. These Smoking Mittens make polluting your lungs an easier experience. Unless you’re using one of those ...

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