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Loas USB-Powered SD Card Reader

While many modern PC’s have SD card compatibility, the ones that don’t kind of leave the user out of the loop. Loas has introduced their small ultra-lightweight USB-powered SD card reader which gives any computer with USB 2.0 SC card compatibility. The device is compatible with the SD, miniSD, microSD, SDHC card formats, giving you pretty much full reign over ...

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HTC Advantage Smartphone: The laptop twin

You might recall HTC from our previous post on the Vox smartphone. The HTC Advantage is the businessman’s alternative. Featuring a different design, resembling a really small laptop. The Advantage is actually a rebranding of the previously announced HTC Athena. The HSDPA data-supporting phone runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition, a product name getting more and more ...

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iDo P890 Pocket PC Phone iDoes it all

Hong Kong based iDo launched its new line of P890 smartphones which run the Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC Phone Edition OS with Push Mail. It might look kind of clunky, but it’s one of those phones that packs in enough meat to make it worth it. With a Freescale iMX21 350 MHz processor doing the powering deed along with a ...

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