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Minimalist Star Wars Galaxy Travel Posters

If the Star Wars galaxy has something that compares to the Earthling travel agents, these are some of the posters that would be hanging from their walls. Minimal and beautiful, these posters were designed by Chicago-based designer Justin Van Genderen. Ahh, the planet of Tatooine. Desolate and deserted. Come for the heat, stay for our twin moon system! Not too ...

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Google spices up its blatant whiteness with optional decorative themes

Google’s personalized homepages just got a lot more personally customizable. A new option popped up on Google homepages today that allow users to select a theme to spruce up the minimalism. Among the choices are Beach, Bus Stop, City Scape, Sweet Dreams, Tea House, and Seasonal Scape. The Google themes mark the first time users have been enabled from Google ...

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Wire frame 3D design for the real world: Trippy as hell

We’ve all seen what 3D render artists go through designing a graphic on the computer. With all of the wire framing and pixel by pixel intricacy, it seems like a job that’s heavily focused on a close eye. Most of us don’t have an eye for such detail, but at least we can look like we do. These amazingly designed ...

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