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Retro Arcade Game Messenger Bags

For people who grew up on games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros. these Retro Arcade Game Messenger Bags are like a little piece of heaven. I’m a geek, which means I tote a lot of crap around with me wherever I go. My camera, a book or two, my various electronics, a moleskine, so ...

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Hot Water Bottle Bag

Feeling under the weather? Snap up one of these handmade Hot Water Bottle bags. They’re part messenger bag, part water bottle left over from Germany’s Federal Defense Force from the 1960s. Though a bit expensive at $160, you’ve got to remember that this is handmade and made from quality materials. I’d prefer if it were made from the skin of ...

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Halo Messenger Bag

This Halo-inspired messenger bag actually looks like a real marine used it. It has that rough, rugged look to it and proudly features the UNSC logo on the side, ensuring that you’re not associated with The Flood. At $36, it’s a great gift for the Halo fan in your family. There’s enough room for an Xbox 360 controller, all the ...

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